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A Detailed Guide to the Best Study Materials for NID Entrance Exam Preparation

Getting accepted into the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID) requires intense preparation and using the right study materials. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the top-recommended resources to help you succeed on the NID entrance exam:

Purchase a Specialized NID Entrance Exam Guide Book

One of the most valuable investments is a guidebook tailored specifically to the NID exam. Leading options include:

  • Arihant's NID/CEED Entrance Exam Guide - Provides tips, strategies, sample questions, and practice tests focused on NID's specific exam pattern and content. Highly rated by students.
  • The Complete Reference Manual for NID/CEED by GK Publications - Structured prep covering all test sections. Includes exercises for design aptitude, logical reasoning, and drawing.
  • NID Entrance Exam Preparation Books by Alumni - Published by former NID students, Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, these offer insider perspectives on how to crack the exam.

Studying from a specialized prep book gives you an advantage with focused content and exam-oriented preparation.

Enroll in Online Video Courses for NID

High-quality video courses are a smart complementary resource. Courses like Anwesha Arts' CEED NID Made Easy teach specific approaches to tackle creative ability, design aptitude, and drawing tests. Video explanations of concepts, strategies, and tips provide an interactive learning experience.

Take Numerous NID Entrance Exam Practice Tests

One vital part of the prep is taking timed practice exams in the exact NID test format. This familiarizes you with the structure, timing, question types, and other critical aspects. Review your performance to identify strengths and areas needing improvement.

Many prep books provide sample tests. Additional options are available online through prep platforms like Oliveboard and Youth4Work. Take tests section-wise and then full-length mocks. Continue taking new practice exams until consistently scoring well.

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Fill Sketchbooks with Daily Drawing Practice

Success on NID's drawing test requires strong visualization and sketching skills. Devote time each day to filling sketchbooks with drawing practice. Sketch sceneries, objects, people, buildings, etc. This develops your observation abilities, proportions, and line control.

Follow Leading Design Blogs and YouTube Channels

Immersing yourself in the design field is invaluable preparation. Follow top blogs like Design Milk, Dezeen, and DesignTAXI to absorb the latest trends. Watch YouTube channels from design leaders sharing their processes. Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, Learn from masters by analyzing their techniques.

With diligent preparation using these recommended study materials, you will ace the NID entrance exam. Study smart and invest time daily to build your skills and knowledge. You've got this!

Which book is best for the NID exam? 

Here are some of the best books to help you prepare for the NID entrance exam:

  1. NID/CEED Entrance Exam Guide by Arihant Publications - This comprehensive book provides tips, tricks, sample questions, and mock tests focused specifically on the NID exam pattern. Highly recommended by those who have cracked NID.
  2. The Complete Reference Manual for NID/CEED by GK Publications - Structured preparation covering all aspects of the exam across design aptitude, logical reasoning, drawing tests, and more. Includes practice exercises.
  3. Ultimate Guide to NID Entrance Exam by Disha Experts - Good for design aptitude preparation with sections on observation, lateral thinking, and creativity. Practice questions included.
  4. NID Entrance Exam Preparation Book by S.K. Garg - Authored by an expert faculty, this book has a complete theory and numerous solved examples for exam-oriented study.
  5. The Complete NID Prep Guide by Previous Year Students - Provides insights and preparation strategies from those who have already cracked the NID test.

I'd recommend purchasing 2-3 guidebooks and going through them thoroughly for comprehensive exam preparation. Allot time to solve questions and take mock tests. The Arihant and GK Publications books are the most popular among aspirants.

FAQs on Study Materials for NID

Q: Should I get a NID exam guidebook?

A: Yes, investing in a guidebook specifically focused on the NID entrance exam is highly recommended. Some good options are books published by Arihant or by previous NID students. These provide tips, tricks, sample questions, and focused preparation strategies.

Q: Where can I find practice tests for NID?

A: Taking practice tests is crucial preparation. Some NID guidebooks include practice exams. You can also find free and paid sample tests online by searching for "NID practice exams". Completing these will familiarize you with the test format, question types, and time constraints.

Q: Are there online courses to help me prepare?

A: Structured online courses can supplement your study plan. Options like CEED NID Made Easy by Anwesha Arts teach strategies for the creative ability test, design aptitude test, and drawing test portions.

Q: What everyday things can I do to practice?

A: Hone your observation skills by sketching objects and scenes around you. Improve creative thinking with design challenges and visual brainstorming. Stay updated on trends in design, business, and technology.

With the right study materials and preparation strategies, you can feel fully equipped to excel on the NID entrance exam. Determine which resources will work best for your learning needs.

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