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Established in 1986, Best Online Coaching for Nift in India, NIFT is the pioneer of fashion education in the country and has been in the vanguard of providing professional human resources for textile and apparel manufacturing.

In 2006, it was made a statutory institute by an Act of the Indian Parliament with the President of India as a 'Visitor'. The NIFT has also worked on developing and positioning handlooms and handicrafts for the Union and State governments over the years.


Best Online Coaching for Nift in India


Aiming for India's top design college NIFT? Combine self-study with expert guidance by enrolling into comprehensive online coaching programs tailored specially for cracking the NIFT entrance exam.

For over a decade, Sanyukta Design has been producing top ranks across NIFT centers through their structured online classroom programs that take students through every NIFT exam facet – GAT, Creative Ability Test, and GD/PI preparation.

Another reputed name for online NIFT coaching is Sanyukta Studio Design, recognized for its personalized mentoring and intensive focus on strengthening creative potential. Their course includes one-on-one guidance, doubt-clearing, and portfolio-building support by renowned NIFT mentors.



Under the Ministry of Textiles of the Government of India, the Best online coaching for NIFT in India is free, NIFT was established in 1986. The NIFT Act of the Indian Parliament established the institute as a statutory institute in 2006 and empowered it to grant its own degrees.

Together with the Ministry of Textiles, nift online coaching fees, NIFT is developing an India-specific size chart. In 2021, the project was fully underway. NIFT 2022 results were announced online on March 9, 2022, by the National Institute of Fashion Technology.



At present, NIFT has 17 campuses across the country. nift online coaching classes, The first campus was established in Hauz Khas, New Delhi, in 1986. Chennai, Kolkata, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, and Mumbai campuses were established in 1995, followed by Bengaluru in 1997.

The Bhopal campus was established in June 2008, Jodhpur in 2010, Kangra in 2009, Kannur temporarily in 2008, but permanently in 2012, and Patna in 2008. In the last decade, Raebareli, Shillong, Srinagar, and Panchkula were established.


NIFT Advantage-

A number one academic institution for design, management, and technology, nift-free online coaching, NIFT aspires to set the standard for the style industry. Both practical and theoretical training is administered by the Institute's comprehensive and cutting-edge infrastructure and equipment. NIFT's reputation as a prestigious design college allows UG students to choose from the following courses:


Fashion Design

Textile Design

Accessory Design

Knitwear Design

Design in Leather

Fashion Communication

The NIFT test can be passed without coaching, but enrolling in coaching can increase your chances of passing. best NIFT coaching in India, A very competitive environment will improve your performance and help you prepare for the NIFT exam.

You can improve your NIFT preparation at some NIFT coaching centers in Nashik . best coaching for nift entrance exam, Sanyukta Singh Studio is the Best NIFT Coaching in Nashik which has been creating toppers in the fields of fashion, art, and design.

Our faculty members are alumni of NIFT and other top design colleges. Our experienced faculty members will ensure that you greatly benefit from their efforts. A very competitive environment will improve your performance and help you prepare for the NIFT exam. Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, Here are some ways in which the best NIFT exam coaching in Nashik can improve your chances:


  • NIFT is a competitive test, so proper assistance is essential.
  • NIFT instruction can help you achieve more consistency and regularity.
  • With the help of NIFT Entrance Exam Coaching institutes Sanyukta Singh Design Studio, you can start your NIFT preparation on the right track.
  • A lifetime experience awaits you with Sanyukta Singh Design Studio's NIFT Coaching classes.
  • SS Studio is considered among the best NIFT coaching because-


We have a well-experienced faculty who are alumni of NIFT as well as other top design schools. With extensive experience in their field, they can guide you through the whole process of Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

Providing solutions to students' questions is an integral part of our Classroom Coaching program, in which faculty members empathize with the students.

In addition to books, sample mock test papers, and valuable year's question papers, we have a great collection of study materials.

We also provide NIFT online coaching.


Includes the following Syllabus and Subject -




Quantitative Aptitude



Fashion General Knowledge

Current Affairs

Material Handling


A total of 600+ hours of Live sessions, the best coaching for Nift entrance exam, additional mock papers, and previous years' paper-solving sessions, uceed online classes near me, Recordings on demand, and discussions are available. Extra 80+ hours are provided to assist with portfolio preparations and guidance for other top design schools.




24x7 WhatsApp group of faculties and students


Weekly Evaluation classes

Mock Test Series

Class Recordings

Live Offline and Online Classes

Digital and Physical Study Materials

Doubt Sessions

Student Portal

CBT Mock Test

College Visits



What is the marking scheme of the NIFT exam?

1 point for every correct response and -0.25 for every wrong answer.

When does the NIFT exam take place?

On 5 February 2024, the NIFT test was held for both UG and PG courses.

Can a Candidate take the NIFT test several times?

All candidates who meet the NIFT eligibility conditions can take the test as many times as they like. It is simply a requirement that you must be under 24 years old.

Does NIFT have online courses?

No, NIFT does not offer full-fledged online degree courses. However, it has launched some online certificate and short-term courses in areas like toy designing, footwear design, accessories design, etc. These help develop specific skills related to fashion and design.

How can I prepare for NIFT online?

Many coaching institutes like CEED, and Sanyukta Design is top landing coaching. now offer comprehensive online preparation courses for NIFT. These consist of video lessons, online tests, design tool tutorials, and instructor guidance. Self-study using online question banks, NIFT sample papers, and taking mock tests is also highly effective.

Which course in NIFT is best?

Some most popular NIFT courses based on scope, pay, and preference are Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Accessory Design, and Textile Design. Options like Leather Design, Knitwear Design, and Fashion Technology are also gaining demand. Choose as per your creative strengths and interests.

Can I clear NIFT without coaching?

Yes, you can clear NIFT without taking formal coaching by dedicating 6-8 months for self-study using online and printed prep resources. Solving previous year papers, taking mock tests, working on design fundamentals as well, and giving enough practice for GAT and Situation Test is vital.

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