The NID Studio Test is a crucial component of the National Institute of Design (NID) entrance exam, which is conducted to evaluate the creative and problem-solving skills of aspiring designers. This test is an integral part of the selection process for admission to various design programs offered by NID, one of the premier design institutes in India. The Studio Test assesses a candidate's ability to ideate, innovate, and execute design solutions within a given timeframe.

The NID Studio Test typically follows the NID DAT (Design Aptitude Test) prelims, which includes a combination of subjective and objective questions to evaluate a candidate's design aptitude, visual sense, creativity, and communication skills. Those who successfully clear the DAT prelims move on to the Studio Test stage, which is designed to assess their hands-on skills and practical approach to design challenges.

The Studio Test is an on-site examination where candidates are required to perform various tasks related to design. The test may include activities such as model making, material manipulation, observational drawing, and problem-solving exercises. The objective is to evaluate not only the candidates' technical skills but also their ability to think critically, work under pressure, and communicate their design ideas effectively.

The duration of the NID Studio Test varies for different design disciplines. Candidates are presented with a set of design problems or themes and are expected to create tangible solutions using a variety of materials provided during the test. The emphasis is on the process of design thinking, and evaluators look for originality, creativity, and attention to detail in the candidates' work.



Candidates for the NID DAT MAINS or Studio Test are chosen based on their performance in the NID Prelims, which serves as the initial round of the selection process and holds a 40% weightage in the NID 2024 Entrance Exam. The NID DAT MAINS accounts for 60% of the BDES selection process.

In the case of MDES, the selection process involves three rounds of examinations leading to the final selection. Once again, the first round is the NID Prelims, contributing 30% to the overall weightage. The second and third rounds consist of the NID DAT Mains, holding a 40% weightage, and an interview, which contributes 30% to the selection process in 2024.



At Sanyukta Singh Studio, our primary focus is on thoroughly preparing our students for the NID DAT MAINS, ensuring they are equipped to excel in every facet of the given projects. Our faculty comprises esteemed alumni from both NIFT and NID, individuals uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled guidance for cracking this challenging design entrance exam. We take pride in our commitment to delivering the best, avoiding any false promises.

Over the past three years, more than 700 of our students have successfully secured positions in various NIFTs and NIDs campuses—an accomplishment that reflects the effectiveness of our approach. We prioritize authenticity in our efforts, aiming to empower students with the skills and knowledge essential for success in the field of design.

Recognizing the diverse preferences of our students, we offer flexible learning options, including Online, Offline, and Hybrid classes. Students can choose the mode that aligns best with their comfort and convenience. Our Online classes have gained widespread popularity across India, accessible to a broader audience through our dedicated YouTube channel.

The tasks included in our NID DAT MAINS Studio Test preparation cover a comprehensive range of skills, ensuring our students are well-rounded and capable of tackling the exam's challenges.

These Tasks Encompass:


1.               MATERIAL HANDLING

2.               WIRE MOLDING (Without cutting the wire)

3.               CLAY MODELLING

4.               AUDIO VISUAL (Video Clips, Music, Gifs)

5.               DOODLING

6.               PSYCHOMETRIC TEST


Each of these tasks is precisely designed to enhance various aspects of a student's creative and problem-solving abilities, aligning with the specific requirements of the NID DAT MAINS. Our commitment to quality education and student success remains unwavering, making Sanyukta Singh Studio a trusted destination for aspirants seeking to excel in design entrance exams.

Our Program :

1.              30 Days Program

2.              5 Days a Week (8-10 HOURS/WEEK)

3.              Mock Test Paper

4.              Live Classes (Online/Offline/Hybrid)

5.              Recording on Demand

6.              Faculties from NIFT/NID/IIT

7.              Support Till counselling

8.              Small Batches


Materials Required :

1.              Color Sheets

2.              Ice-Cream Sticks

3.              Pins

4.              Thermocol Balls

5.              Jute Threads

6.              Paper Cups

7.              Clay

8.              Copper Wire

9.              Cotton

10.            Straws

11.            Match Sticks

12.            Card Boards

13.            Ivory Sheets

14.            Paper cutter, Scissor, Fevicol


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