NIFT - Situation Test


It is basically a situation where you will get some materials to make a 3D model in a limited time.

Yes, Exactly!

The NIFT Situation Test is a 2 hours paper. It is only when you have qualified the GAT (General Ability Test) and the CAT (Creative Ability Test) you will be able to appear for the situation test. The Situation Test is for admissions into the B.Des Course program. The Situation Test holds a 20% weightage of the total examination. This test is held in the given NIFT Exam Centres. The centers are mostly the NIFT Campuses, according to the choice given by you on the application form.

The NIFT Situation Test judges you on various creative and imaginative parameters, basically as the name suggests it is a situation test, and you will be given a question and you have to solve it. In other words, for Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, solving here means creating a 3D model or three-dimensional model of something that is asked in the question paper. Therefore, this model has to be made out of the materials that NIFT supplies you at the examination center. Here you will be given three options from which you have to choose one. And then you have to explain it in your write-up.

NIFT Eligibility

NIFT has set some basic eligibility standards that a candidate needs to clear before filling the Application Form.

These standards are categorised as listed below:
On the basis of Academic Qualification:-
If a candidate is in 12 th /final year of college/final year of diploma does not submit the examination result at the time of admission or counselling, his/her admission depends on the following conditions: -

Candidate below 18 years of age has to submit an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10 in the prescribed Proforma duly signed by the parent/guardian. Submission of the false document is a punishable offence.

Candidates have to submit their qualifying degree to the campus director or joint director of the allotted college on or before a date to be announced soon.

In case a candidate fails to submit his/her qualifying degree at the time of admission, his/her admission will be considered null and void.

If a candidate’s result has not been declared at the time of admission and he/she is seeking provisional admission, in that case he/she shall have to provide relevant proof of having cleared the examination.

Candidates who are seeking provisional admission will have to bring the date sheet/admit card/Principal’s certificate as proof of having taken the exam. Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, Same thing applies to the candidates who have taken the compartment/supplementary exam in the 12 th standard or final year of graduation/diploma.

Candidates who are seeking provisional admission will only be considered for admission if their result has not been declared by the institution or university. In any other case, their admission will liable to be cancelled under provisional admission category.

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  1. Color sheets
  2. Card board
  3. Copper wire
  4. Icecream sticks
  5. Thermocol balls
  6. Jute thread
  7. Straws
  8. Clips
  9. Ivory sheets
  10. Match sticks
  11. Glue
  12. Paper cup
  13. Glitter sheets
  14. Tissue
  15. Paper cutter
  16. Cotton
  17. Cotton balls
  18. Push pin
  19. Clay