Nift Nid (45 Days) Crash Course

NIFT & NID Entrance Exam Crash Course: Your 45-Day Roadmap to Success

Introduction :

Preparing for the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and National Institute of Design (NID) entrance exams is no small feat, especially with limited time.

This 45-day crash course is designed to help you focus your efforts and maximize your study time effectively. Follow this detailed roadmap to enhance your skills and knowledge, ensuring you’re well-prepared for exam day.


Understanding NIFT & NID Entrance Exams :

Before diving into your study schedule, it's crucial to understand the structure and requirements of both NIFT and NID exams. 


NIFT Exam Pattern :

- General Ability Test (GAT)

- Creative Ability Test (CAT)

- Situation Test (for B.Des applicants)

- Group Discussion/Personal Interview (for PG applicants)


  NID Exam Pattern :

- Design Aptitude Test (DAT) Prelims

- DAT Mains (Studio Test, Personal Interview)


Ace the NIFT and NID Online Entrance Exam through Sanyukta Singh Design Studio’s Comprehensive Coaching

The National Institute of Design or NID entrance and The National Institute of Fashion Technology or NIFT Entrance are two of the most prestigious design entrances in the country. With intense competition and challenging paper patterns, structured NID coaching and NIFT Coaching is vital for success. This is where Sanyukta Design, Delhi's top institute for design entrance exams training, gives aspirants a winning edge.

With a legacy of over a decade and unparalleled NID and NIFT online exam selection rates year after year, Sanyukta Design has established itself as the #1 NID coaching in Delhi for design aspirants across India. The core factors that make their NID entrance coaching and NIFT Entrance Coaching program a cut above the rest are:


Proven Results and 100% Selection Rate in NID Online Coaching and NIFT Offline Coaching

Having trained and guided thousands of aspirants over the years, Sanyukta Singh Studio has an unbeaten track record of NID online entrance. Their winning strategies structured NID entrance exam preparation, and personalized mentoring convert even average students into top NID and NIFT rankers.


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  Why Choose Sanyukta Design for NID Online Entrance Coaching?

  Here are key reasons that make Sanyukta Design the right destination for Online NID exam coaching:

  • Proven Track Record: They have produced more NID selections consistently than any other institute. The stellar record speaks for itself.
  • Specialized NID Exam Preparation: Right from concept building to shortcut strategies, their coaching focuses sharply on acing the online NID entrance.
  • Expert Faculty: The experienced teaching team comprises NID graduates, working designers, and brilliant educators.
  • Online/Offline Options: Structured courses available through online classroom and offline coaching near you.
  • Mock Test Series: Get expert feedback and performance tracking through full-length mock tests.
  • Post-Exam Guidance: Support with portfolio building, and interview preparation for final NID selection.
  • Competitive Fees: Their NID online coaching costs much less than other national-level design institutes.
  • Weekend Batches: Special weekend classes available for working professionals.


  Phase 1: Foundation and Strategy (Days 1-5) 

  The first phase focuses on laying a strong foundation and planning your study schedule.


  Days 1-3 :

- Study the exam patterns and syllabi in detail.

- Review the types of questions asked in previous years.

- Make a customized study plan that takes into account your advantages and disadvantages.


  Days 4-5 :

- Deep dive into the unique sections of each exam.

- Identify your strengths and weaknesses, setting clear goals for improvement.


Phase 2: Intensive Skill Development (Days 6-20)

This phase emphasizes building and enhancing core skills required for the exams.


Creative Skills and Sketching (Days 6-12) :

- Practice sketching daily, focusing on perspective, proportion, and shading.

- Engage in creative thinking exercises to boost your originality and innovation.

- Review design concepts and principles.


Logical Reasoning and Spatial Visualization (Days 13-20) :

- Solve puzzles and logical reasoning questions.

- Work on improving your spatial visualization skills with relevant exercises.


Phase 3: Subject Mastery and Practice (Days 21-35)

Now, it's time to consolidate your knowledge and practice extensively.


Reviewing Fundamentals (Days 21-27) :

- Mathematics: Focus on quantitative aptitude, covering topics like algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.

- English: Enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

- General Knowledge and Current Affairs: Stay updated with recent events and historical facts.


Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers (Days 28-35) :

- Use mock exams as a regular practice to get into the exam mindset.

- Solve previous years' question papers to understand the exam pattern better.

- Analyze your performance, noting areas of improvement.


Phase 4: Final Revision and Fine-Tuning (Days 36-45)

The final phase is dedicated to intensive revision and fine-tuning your preparation.


Comprehensive Revision (Days 36-40) :

- Revisit crucial topics and concepts.

- Refine your time management skills to ensure you can complete the exam within the allotted time.


Final Touches (Days 41-45) :

- Focus on polishing your strengths.

- Address any remaining weak areas.

- Pay close attention to detail and strive for accuracy in your answers.


Advantages of NIFT & NID Coaching at Sanyukta Singh Studio : 

Opting for professional coaching can significantly enhance your preparation:

24x7 WhatsApp Group:

- Continuous support and doubt resolution from faculties and peers.


Digital and Physical Study Materials:

- Access to comprehensive materials tailored to the NIFT and NID syllabus.


Webinars and Doubt Sessions:

- Interactive sessions to clear doubts and strengthen concepts.


Weekly Evaluation Classes:

- Frequent evaluations to monitor development and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement.


Student Portal:

- A dedicated platform for resources, updates, and performance tracking.


Mock Test Series and CBT Mock Tests:

- Simulate exam conditions with computer-based mock tests.


Class Recordings and College Visits:

- Revisit class sessions and gain practical insights through college visits.


Live Offline and Online Classes:

Options for flexible learning that fit your schedule.


150+ Hours of Class:

- Comprehensive instruction covering all essential topics.


Syllabus and Subjects Covered in NIFT & NID Coaching at Sanyukta Singh Studio :


The coaching curriculum comprehensively covers all critical areas required for the exams:


Creative Skills and Sketching:

- Develop your ability to think creatively and communicate ideas visually.


English Language and General Knowledge:

- Improve language skills and stay informed about fashion industry trends and history.


Quantitative Aptitude and Current Affairs:

- Build a strong foundation in mathematics and stay updated with global and national events.


Reasoning and Material Handling:

- Enhance logical reasoning abilities and understand different materials used in design.


 Fee Structure     100+ Hours  15000 INR



What is the marking scheme of the NIFT exam?

1 point for every correct response and -0.25 for every wrong answer.

When does the NIFT exam take place?

On 5 February 2024, the NIFT test was held for both UG and PG courses.

Can a Candidate take the NIFT test several times?

All candidates who meet the NIFT eligibility conditions can take the test as many times as they like. It is simply a requirement that you must be under 24 years old.

Does NIFT have online courses?

No, NIFT does not offer full-fledged online degree courses. However, it has launched some online certificate and short-term courses in areas like toy designing, footwear design, accessories design, etc. These help develop specific skills related to fashion and design.

How can I prepare for NIFT online?

Many coaching institutes like CEED, and Sanyukta Design are top landing coaching. now offer comprehensive online preparation courses for NIFT. These consist of video lessons, online tests, design tool tutorials, and instructor guidance. Self-study using online question banks, NIFT sample papers, and taking mock tests is also highly effective.

Which course in NIFT is best?

Some most popular NIFT courses based on scope, pay, and preference are Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Accessory Design, and Textile Design. Options like Leather Design, Knitwear Design, and Fashion Technology are also gaining demand. Choose as per your creative strengths and interests.

Can I clear NIFT without coaching?

Yes, you can clear NIFT without taking formal coaching by dedicating 6-8 months for self-study using online and printed prep resources. Solving previous year papers, taking mock tests, working on design fundamentals as well, and giving enough practice for the GAT and Situation Test are vital.

Is there an interview at NID?

The selection process at NID, Ahmedabad consists of a Studio Test and a Personal Interview.

How long will the Course/Program last?

B.Des. - 4 years, M.Des. - 2 1/2 years, Ph.D. - 5 years full-time and part-time (3 years).

Do I need to submit a portfolio in order to apply?

During interviews, yes for M.Des

What Documents do I need to bring with me while reporting to the institute?

All educational certificates, Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, and Experience Certificate (if any)

Is NID providing scholarships?


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