U/ceed (45 Days)

Crack UCEED/CEED in 45 Days: A Comprehensive Crash Course at Sanyukta Singh Studio 

Introduction : 

Cracking the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) and Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) in 45 days requires a focused and strategic approach. This crash course provides you with the essential tips and techniques to maximize your preparation time and boost your chances of success.


Understanding UCEED and CEED

Before starting your preparation, it’s important to understand the exam structure and syllabus.


UCEED Exam Structure :

• Part A: Tests Visualization and Spatial Ability, Observation and Design Sensitivity, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Environmental and Social Awareness, and Language.

• Part B: Consists of a drawing question that assesses your creativity and sketching skills.


CEED Exam Structure :

• Part A: Includes questions on Visualization and Spatial Ability, Environmental and Social Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Language, Observation, and Design Sensitivity.

• Part B: Involves drawing questions that test design, drawing, and creativity.


 Phase 1: Foundation and Quick Planning (Days 1-5) at Sanyukta Singh Studio : 

 Start with understanding the exam pattern and creating a focused study plan.

1. Analyze Previous Papers: Study past exam papers to understand question types and difficulty levels.

2. Help to Create a Study Plan: Develop a detailed study plan, allocating more time to weaker areas.

3. Gather Resources: Study materials from Sanyukta Singh Studio, reference books, and online resources


  Phase 2: Core Skill Development (Days 6-20)

  Focus on building your core skills in design, reasoning, and awareness.


  Enhancing Visualization and Spatial Ability :

• Visualization Exercises: Practice mental rotation and perspective drawing.

• 3D Modeling Tools: Use tools like Blender or Sketch Up for spatial understanding.


  Developing Analytical and Logical Reasoning :

• Puzzles and Brain Teasers: Solve puzzles and logical reasoning questions regularly.

• Critical Thinking: Engage in activities that enhance analytical thinking.


  Improving Drawing and Design Skills :

• Daily Sketching: Practice sketching daily, focusing on perspective and proportions.

• Design Projects: Work on small design projects to boost creativity.


  Building Environmental and Social Awareness:

• Read News and Articles: Stay updated with current affairs, especially in design.

• Watch Documentaries: View documentaries on environmental and social issues.


  Phase 3: Intensive Practice and Mock Tests (Days 21-35)

  Apply your knowledge through rigorous practice and mock tests.


  Regular Mock Tests :

• Simulate Exam Conditions: Take full-length mock tests to build stamina and manage time.

• Analyze Performance: Review your answers and identify areas for improvement.


  Part B (Drawing) Practice :

• Timed Drawing Exercises: Practice drawing questions within time limits.

• Feedback: Seek feedback from mentors to improve your skills.


  Phase 4: Final Preparation and Revision (Days 36-45)

  Focus on comprehensive revision and fine-tuning your preparation.


  Comprehensive Revision :

• Review Key Concepts: Revisit important topics and concepts.

• Focus on Weak Areas: Allocate extra time to weaker subjects or topics.



 Design and Observation  Mental Math 
 Visual and Spatial Ability  Perspective
 Design Thinking and Problem Solving   Composition


The syllabus Covered for the Uceed exam at Sanyukta Singh Studio is:

 Counting of Figures  Counting of Edges and Surfaces  Platonic Solids
 Water and Mirror Images  Orthographic View  Spot the Differences
 2D and 3D shape perception   Plan and Elevation of Objects  Evolution of products and objects 
 Photography  Skin and Textures  Hidden words and objects
 Animation Movement  Folded and Unfolded Views  Brain Teasers
 Mechanical Concepts  Signs, Symbols and Metaphors  Visual and Spatial Ability
 Surface, Area, and Volume  Observation and design sensitivity   Comprehension
 Perspective  Composition  Story Telling
 Puzzles  Design Aptitude  


Advantages of Uceed Coaching at Sanyukta Singh Studio

 24x7 Whatsapp Group of Faculties and Students              Online and Hybrid Classes 
 Recordings  CBT Mock
 Digital and Hard Copy of Study Material  Doubt Session
 Faculty from IIT and NID  Evaluation Classes
 Student Portal  Webinars
 100+ Hours of Classes  


Fee Structure of Uceed Crash Course at Sanyukta Singh Studio:

 Fee Structure   Crash Course Class (Tues to Sun)   15,000 INR


FAQ Section : 

Q1: Is 45 days enough to prepare for UCEED/CEED?

A1: Yes, with a focused and strategic study plan, 45 days can be sufficient for effective preparation.

Q2: How important are mock tests in my preparation?

A2: Mock tests are crucial for simulating exam conditions, managing time, and identifying areas for improvement.

Q3: Can I prepare for UCEED/CEED without coaching?

A3: Yes, with the right resources, self-discipline, and consistent practice, you can prepare effectively on your own.

Q4: How do I improve my drawing skills for Part B?

A4: Practice daily sketching, focus on perspective and proportions, and seek feedback from mentors.

Q5: What resources should I use for current affairs and general knowledge?

A5: Regularly read newspapers, magazines, and online articles, and watch news channels or documentaries.


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