How To Crack UCEED Entrance Exam Tips


How to Thoroughly Prepare and Crack UCEED Entrance Exam Tips

The Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design (UCEED) is the ticket to prestigious design programs at IITs and other top institutes. With a structured approach and diligent efforts over 4-6 months, aspiring designers can successfully crack this highly competitive exam.

Here are expert tips from Sanyukta Design on how to strategize and efficiently prepare for the UCEED entrance test:

Understand the UCEED Exam Pattern

  • Analyze the detailed UCEED exam structure, topics, type, and marking scheme for each section.
  • The paper has 2 parts - Part A is objective type pictorial and visual questions. Part B involves numerical answer-type analytical and creative questions.
  • Know the weightage of Part A and Part B. Part B carries higher weightage.
  • Understanding the pattern helps plan preparation accordingly.

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Create a Study Plan

  • Make a feasible study plan for 4-6 months based on current skill level. Plan for a minimum of 5 hours daily.
  • Schedule time for strengthening fundamentals, solving past papers, and taking mock tests.
  • Have set days for revising quant concepts, pra cticing creative skills, etc.
  • Account for coaching classes if enrolled. Schedule regular breaks to avoid fatigue.

Learn the Basics

  • For Part A:
    • Learn the basics of visual communication - icons, pictures, charts, diagrams, perspective, and proportion.
    • Understand and interpret visual data accurately.
  • For Part B:
    • Study design principles, color theory, drawing, and presentation skills.
    • Cover quant, logical reasoning, physics, and product design fundamentals.

Practice Regularly

  • Solve previous year's papers for exam practice.
  • Improve drawing, and sketching skills through daily practice.
  • Take up exercises to boost creative thinking.
  • Strengthen analytical abilities, logic, and quantitative skills.
  • Appear for mock tests every weekend for time management.

Previous Year Papers

  • Solve previous years' UCEED question papers to understand the exam pattern and types of questions asked.

  • Focus on Part B: Part B is essential for a high score. Work on your creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills. Create design concepts and solutions.

Focus on Part B

-Dedicate more time for preparation to the numerical answer type questions in Part B. -Strengthen your skills in critical thinking, concept visualization, innovation, and logic. -Part B tests your design aptitude and carries higher weight.

Time Management

  • Practice solving papers within specified time limits. Improve speed and accuracy.

  • In the exam, focus on completing Part B first. Do not get stuck on any question.
  • Mark difficult questions for review later instead of wasting time initially.

Stay Updated with Current Affairs

  • Read newspapers, magazines, and online articles on the latest news, technology, business, social issues, innovations, etc.

  • Having good general awareness will help you tackle questions across sections.

Seek Guidance

  • Attend seminars by experts and UCEED toppers. Gain insights on preparation strategy.
  • Identify weak areas in mocks. Seek guidance from Sanyukta Design teachers to improve.
  • Discuss concerns and get motivation from faculty mentors.

Stay Healthy

  • Avoid burnout. Take adequate breaks between study sessions.
  • Practice yoga, and meditation to manage exam stress effectively.
  • Ensure sufficient sleep, healthy food, and water intake daily.

Confidence is Key

  • Believe in your skills and preparation efforts so far.
  • Revise concepts thoroughly but avoid excess stress before the exam.
  • Stay focused, disciplined, and determined to succeed.

Read Instructions Carefully

  • Read exam instructions completely before attempting.
  • Understand Elmarko evaluations for Part A pictorial questions.
  • Double-check parts and sections before writing answers.

Manage Stress

  • Anxiety before exam day is normal. Manage it through deep breathing, and meditation.
  • Remind yourself of the thorough preparation done. Have faith in your abilities.
  • Avoid negative thoughts. Stay positive and focused.


  • Revise formulas, and concepts and prepare notes for quick reference before the exam.
  • Attempt practice papers again in areas you struggled with before.
  • Stay mentally active and think creatively.

We hope these tips help you formulate an effective strategy and prepare thoroughly to excel in UCEED. Consistent efforts with expert guidance from Sanyukta Design will maximize your potential for cracking this prestigious design entrance exam.


Cracking prestigious design entrances like UCEED requires rigorous practice and strategic time management. By analyzing the exam pattern, and strengthening your visual, drawing, creative thinking, analytical, and quantitative skills,

it is possible to excel in the UCEED exam with 4-6 months of dedicated preparation. Seeking guidance from expert institutes like Sanyukta Design and diligently following their tips maximizes your chances of securing a rank in UCEED. With determination and thorough efforts, you can achieve your goal of getting into the most coveted design programs through UCEED.


Q: What is the duration of the UCEED exam?

A: The UCEED exam duration is 3 hours.

Q: How many sections are there in UCEED?

A: There are 2 parts - Part A and Part B in the UCEED exam.

Q: Which part carries more weightage in UCEED?

A: Part B carries 70% weightage, and hence requires more focus.

Q: What is tested in Part A of the exam?

A: Part A consists of pictorial questions testing visual perception and analysis.

Q: What kind of questions are asked in Part B?

A: Part B tests analytical thinking, design skills, and creativity through numerical answer-type questions.

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