About Sanyukta Design


Sanyukta Singh Design Studio was established in 2017 with the main objective of imparting world-class training to students who are aspiring to NIFT, NID, PEARL, TDV, UCEED, CEED, and UID, and other Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exams in India. Sanyukta Singh Studio has been set up with an outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and winning methodology to help students "who aspire to nothing but the best" stimulate their exploration and provide systematic guidance towards it.

As people already involved in the Designing Career know well how vast and immense this Career field is, the Institution started with the bold idea of providing education in this field. Therefore, those students who don't have a clear picture of the design field, whether it's choosing the right career path, choosing an appropriate course or Institution, or knowing the A-Z of Designing, should seek clarification. A big question swung in with the idea, HOW? In a pandemic outbreak, how would things proceed, and how would institutions take place?

Sanyukta Singh Studio, aka Sanyukta Design, came into being with the help of social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and so on. We provided Free of free-of-cost videos based on essential topics with extensive knowledge and ease of learning; all found on the Sanyukta Singh Studio YouTube Channel together.

Many students learn from such initiatives whose parents aren't willing to spend money on their design careers.

Our reputation for quality coaching for Design Entrance Exams in India has grown exponentially over the years. Every year, Sanyukta Singh Studio consistently produces Top Rankers and Future Designers in PEARL, UCEED, CEED, NID, NIFT, BFA, UID, and other design entrance exams in India.

We now have more than 350 videos and 16000+ subscribers in just 3 years. Sanyukta Singh Studio evolved when students demanded separate and personal classes where they could learn and expand their design careers. Providing correct guidance to the children can utilize their extra time to cover various subjects. As a result, our Coaching also benefits the students by teaching them the art of studying. Our Coaching helps students think beyond their capacity, which helps them gain a new perspective on various issues. With each student and experience, we expand and evolve.

Why Join Us?

  • 100% Selection Guarantee in Top Design Colleges.
  • Experienced Faculties from NIFT, NID and IIT
  • Digital and Physical Study Material
  • Online access (24*7) and Student Portal
  • Flexible Batches
  • Situation Tests
  • Studio Tests


Our Services-

YouTube became an essential tool both for the Institution and students during the Pandemic where videos and social media were the only way out. The SS STUDIO is making videos for better understanding and coming up with a video on Futuristic Design, Colour Theory, Colour Psychology, Posters, Stamps, Orthographic projection, and orthographic design. With more than 22000+ students guided, the success in the very first year was when 48 out of 50 students who were taking classes cracked NIFT with which we prepared students for CAT and GAT.

Our Mission-

Maya Angelou's "Be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud" helps you better understand our Mission. As we're trying to bring about a change in thinking regarding design, a narrow perspective still hangs in the back of our heads about a career in Design that is limited only to clothing and textiles. To this thought process, we would like to add that the exposure to design is enormous and worthwhile, for example- furniture design, product design, accessory design, communication, and technology. We are spreading awareness to students studying in the 10th and 12th grades who wish to pursue careers in the design field.

SS Studio has expanded to both online and offline modes, and our only mission is to educate and inform students who are planning to become designers without supervision. The culture at Sanyukta Singh Studio is career-oriented and not money-oriented.

Sanyukta Design Vision-

  • The purpose of this course is to develop creative skills and broaden the design process.
  • By introducing psychology, technology, and communication, we can make a change in the understanding of design, as many only think about fashion or textile design.
  • Introduce the right and accurate syllabus to the students.
  • Our goal is to prepare students not only for NIFT or NID but for a career path where they can use their knowledge for various design entrance exams across the country.