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 We do not disclose any information we collect through this website to any third parties. The data collected is used only to improve the user's experience on the website. 

 Our website strives to provide you with the best services while keeping your information secure. 

Web Server Logs- 

Our web server may record the following information in its server logs when you visit

 The IP address of your computer, 
 The URLs you requested to access 
 Dates and methods of requests, 
 The URL of the page that referred you to the Site, 
 The number of bytes transferred 
 Your web browser and operating system. 
 Further, we generally do not disclose Site usage by IP address to third parties, but we may do so under very limited circumstances when complying with law, working with consultants who assist us in fixing or improving the Site, or monitoring and improving the security of our network. 


Many major websites will transfer unique bits of computer data to your computer the first time you visit. Cookies are stored on your computer and can be accessed by the website for tracking purposes later on.

Changes in the Privacy Policy-

Periodically, we will review our security measures and Privacy Policy, and we may make changes as needed. Users are encouraged to read the privacy policy.