Having a passion for design and aspiring to join NID is something everyone has, and Sanyukta Design can assist you in following your dream. It was founded to provide education in the field of design. Students who do not have a clear picture of the Designing field, whether it's making the right decision when choosing their specific course and institution, we are here to guide them toward a bright future.

As one of the nation's largest and most powerful design schools, NID allows students of all batches, years, and fields to learn from one another.

NID is India's top design institute, and its international reputation makes it highly sought after. Fashion-oriented subjects are offered by NIFT, while NID includes practically all elements of design, Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, and it only offers 100 undergraduate seats, which means that only 100 of the best designers graduate every year.

NID is India's top design institution, with a global reputation and a campus placement program that places students worldwide for as little as ten lakhs! That's amazing, isn't it?



NID has three campuses in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Bengaluru. The NID Ahmedabad Campus is located in Ahmedabad city, in Gujarat State, and offers 8 Bachelor Degree Programmes and 7 Master Degree Programmes (2,5 years). Earlier this year, NID Ahmedabad Campus introduced a 5 Ph.D. programme.The NID Gandhinagar Campus is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat State, Best Coaching Institute for Design Entrance Exam, and offers seven masters programs.. The NID Bengaluru Campus is located in the state of Karnataka in the city of Bengaluru. The Bengaluru Campus offers 5 master's degree programs (2.5 years). All NID campuses are open to visitors from 9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays). To enter the campus, visitors must obtain a Visitor's Pass at the Main Gate. A guided tour of campus can be arranged by NID if you are visiting in a group with prior appointment.

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