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Portfolio Coaching Institute in Delhi

What is a Portfolio?

Portfolios consist of materials demonstrating your beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training, and experiences. You can gain insight into your personality and work ethic through it. It demonstrates skills in the use of materials, imagination, creativity, clarity, and originality, as well as the ability to communicate ideas visually with imagination, creativity, clarity, and originality. Overall, it represents your professionalism.


Types of Portfolio required in the industry-

Fashion Design Portfolio- Through idea development, mood board design, fashion illustration, and a strong sense of design, fashion portfolio preparation helps you to demonstrate flair, innovation, and something different.


As you explore creative drawing skills in a variety of materials and mediums, you will be able to build your portfolio. Explore the figure, fabric, materials, and colour. It is important to be aware of the latest digital technologies in print and new fabrics. Layout, surface, and presentation of mood boards can be experimented with. Create mixed media sculptural fashion forms using these skills. Develop an understanding of fashion accessories and details, such as embroidery, textiles, weave, and prints. Digital photography and fashion illustration techniques will be taught.


Industrial Design Portfolio- By creating tangible products, the Industrial Design portfolio preparation enables learners to gain an understanding of the various approaches, processes, and systems to address human needs. Various courses emphasise learning-by-doing and following a comprehensive process for designing, producing, and marketing products, systems, and services.


It covers topics such as design ethnography, design research, ergonomics, design process, strength of materials, history of design, sustainable design, and system design.


Architectural Design Portfolio- Portfolios for Architectural Design must be innovative. Sanyukta Singh Design Studio encourages you to consider the aesthetic quality of what you design and make, while also considering technical and environmental concerns. To design new products, you must master design from conception to production. A creative, independent thinker who can visualise in 3D and turn an idea into a life-size reality is a requirement.


Fine Arts Portfolio- You will be able to discover the importance of art in culture and society while exploring your own personal direction through Fine Art Portfolio. Develop your own critical understanding of contemporary, historical, and international contexts. In order to inspire your creative process, it is important to be aware of historical and cultural development over time. You must also demonstrate an understanding of contemporary visual art concepts and processes. This will enhance your critical and contextual awareness of different perspectives and approaches within fine art. By exploring a variety of materials and mediums, Sanyukta Singh Design Studio helps you explore new ideas, concepts, and skills.


Portfolio Preparation-

The Portfolio Preparation class is designed for advanced students. The art student must be self-directed, have a spirit of exploration, and be creative. In order to facilitate college admissions, this course is always offered during the first semester. As part of this workshop, students will review college application requirements, receive advice on how to choose the right art program, prepare admission portfolio requirements, and learn about career options in the visual arts.


Utilising skills and techniques in research, sketchbook development, and practical work, you will develop an artwork portfolio for art college applications.


You will get advice from faculties regarding portfolio presentation as well as interview techniques, personal statements, and references. Your university application to full-time courses and beyond should include all of these elements.


In the first week of this course, you will be assessed on your portfolio to determine the direction for your future work. For their portfolios, students will have time to revise and improve existing artwork.

Portfolio students will begin the course by creating a large charcoal drawing from observation.

As a follow-up to the charcoal drawing, students will define their individual assignments based on the demands of their portfolios.

For their final portfolio, students must create at least three new formal art works.



As an artist, your final portfolio should reflect your current skills and development. By the end of this course, you should have compiled a portfolio that represents:


Drawing skills: observing light, shade, and details of a form.

Skills in creative problem-solving, including your planning sketchbook and planning process.

Writing about your creative process and reflecting on it.



Who should attend this course?

Anyone who wishes to apply to a foundation or BA course or add to their portfolio. As part of this portfolio preparation course, students with a range of abilities construct appropriate work to be included in their portfolio for further and higher education.


If you are planning for this course, Sanyukta Singh Design Studio, the best portfolio coaching institute in Delhi can help you in learning. Let's discuss the outcome of this course-


As a result, you'll produce substantial work that will enhance your portfolio and give you the confidence to speak about your work. Your technical skills will have improved in a variety of areas, and you will be able to generate ideas for new work and new working methods.